10 Best Ways To Start The Book Writing Business

10 Best Ways To Start The Book Writing Business

Your love for writing is on another level if you’re thinking about starting a book writing business. But that isn’t just because you read a great book and you instantly jump to the conclusion, ‘Why not create something like this?’. 

Many people are great writers and have vast experience in the domain. They know how to pen down their thoughts while balancing their tone and emotions. They know what is needed to drive a story towards an exciting turn where the reader gets more curious and thinks, ‘What’s next?’. 

Writing isn’t just a hobby anymore, but a lot of you must have been working for clients or companies. Many of you must have been a pro in the gig world. If you’re that person who possesses all those qualities and breathes book writing, then you will be interested in this blog since we’re going to help you out in building a book-writing empire. 

Of course–this isn’t a play where you can fast-forward success, but we’ll give you some tips that will help you out in starting the journey. 

Some Tips To Initiate Your Book Writing Business

Having a few clients and being a great book writer is one thing. But taking a jump from ghostwriting to the venture world is undoubtedly a tough nut to crack. Here are 10 tips for you that help you start your own business:

1. Make A Budget

Starting out a book writing business isn’t easy. You have to be financially strong to initiate your venture. Once you go in that direction, it’s very easy to get carried away and spend thousands of bucks on something that wasn’t necessary. That is why it’s essential to see if you have enough money to start. 

Segment your money into categories like tech, set-up fees, marketing, registration, operating expenses and miscellaneous – especially if you’re starting out big. This way, you can track your investment and will never go over budget. 

2. Register Your Business 

That’s obvious, but we are adding it to the list because it’s usually an overlooked aspect. Making it legal should be your top priority to avoid any inconveniences. Depending on the region, the technicalities would be different, like fees, documentation and even criteria. Make sure you check out the criteria to list your business at your earliest. 

To begin the process of your book writing business, you first need to find a name that resonates with your audience. Other things like accounts and location are also involved in the process. Make sure to get yourself aware of everything before you begin. 

3. Create A Website

Website creation is another thing that should be done in the earlier stage. The website will help you promote your services, and it will work as your portfolio. You can showcase your expertise, attach a few samples, and perhaps a few positive feedback from your recent clients. 

Even if you have worked for brands, you can add those to make your business more robust. Not just that, it’s a great way to make your business look authentic so more people can trust you. 

4. Quality Tech Is Important

Since it is a book writing business, your tech list is going to be a lot simpler than any other business. You have to spend on a good quality laptop, power backup options and high-speed internet to work in peace without looking at the buffering symbol. Spend on webcams to ensure your video calls with the client are seamless and clear. 

Some software has to be purchased to make your life easy, including writing tools or customer management software. 

5. Setup Accounts 

Again, it’s very basic, and we’ve seen people making this mistake quite frequently. Never use your personal accounts to get the clients. Once you begin with the venture, make sure you set a unique identity by creating your business accounts. Set up social media accounts, phone numbers, location and bank accounts and try to shift from your personal accounts in the very beginning. 

Using your personal account may break the trust of your clients, and you may end up losing your customers. Especially at the initial stages, you’re not in a position to bear the loss. 

6. Choose Payment Gateway

Think about how you can make the payment process the easiest for clients. 

Research on the best payment gateway that is widely used and secure. You don’t want things to be complicated, so always start with the basics that you can easily track within your packed schedule. 

PayPal, Visa and MasterCard payments are secure, protected and very easy to handle. Before you dive into it, make sure you take expert advice and choose the best one. 

7. Invest In Marketing 

Marketing is inevitable in this day and age. You would need to acquire clients from your business site, and for that, you have to spend on promotions. Whether its book ghostwriting services in Ireland or any other location, marketing will always be on the list if you plan to make it successful – and we’re sure you do. 

You can start off by making a monthly or weekly budget. Do an A/B test to find out what works for you. You can either hire a resource for yourself or go for a freelancer to save some bucks. 

8. Keep Backup Writers 

In the beginning, it’s unlikely to get so much work. So, hiring a writing team isn’t necessary. However, you should always keep a pool of competent writers in case of extra orders or medical emergencies. 

Alternatively, you can go for freelance writers in the beginning. This will save you bucks because you don’t have to pay for a full-time employee. 

9. Make Your Daily Schedule

Have you planned out your day? If not, you’re in the wrong direction. Start by outlining what tasks you can get in a day and how you will sort out your writing time. Sketch a rough day, which can include your separate writing time, discussion with the clients, editing, and some other daily runs. 

Don’t forget to take some spare time as a break to keep a healthy balance. Especially if you’re starting out from your home, it’s very easy to mess up your private life. To avoid that, plan your day ahead and stick to it. 

10. Don’t Be A One-Man Army

When you begin a new venture, you’re excited enough to take all the burden. You think, ‘You can do everything,’ but it’s the adrenaline talking. Let’s be honest–it’s not possible for a human to take care of everything. You can easily distracted and even get exhausted within a few days. 

It’s essential to hire or outsource a person who can assist you on a day-to-day basis. Spend your energy writing books because that’s why people want to work with you. 

Wrap Up

Starting off a book writing business is daunting. However, these few tips will work in your favor and help you out in making it big. Keep this with you as a checklist so you can steer your business in the right direction.


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