Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a value that expresses the level of awareness of a brand as a percentage. Specifically, it shows how many people can remember a particular brand with or without support.

Determination of brand awareness

Brand awareness is determined through polls and surveys. The participants are asked to what extent they remember a certain brand or, for example, recognize its logo. It is also relevant whether they can assign the brand to the correct product category. Measuring brand awareness is important for brand companies, for example, to be able to react to a decline in brand awareness with appropriate measures. If brand awareness drops, this can mean a loss of sales for companies, since for many consumers the awareness of a brand and the trust placed in it are important factors in the purchase decision.

Brand awareness

Depth of Brand Awareness

Brand awareness can be divided into three types:

  • Top of Mind
  • Unaided Recall
  • Aided Recall/Recognition

In the tests, the participants are asked which brands come to mind when they think of a certain product group. The brand that a survey participant mentions first is referred to as “top of mind” or “tip of the tongue”. Brands that he can also name and assign to the correct product category without receiving any assistance are recorded as unaided recall. An aided recall occurs when a respondent can only remember a brand when shown it.

Influence of brand awareness when buying online

If a consumer buys on the Internet, he cannot personally convince himself of the quality of a product by touching or testing it. The awareness of a certain brand is therefore even more important than in the local shop. Consumers associate certain characteristics with well-known brands in particular and have an attitude towards a product. The trust that consumers have in a brand is reflected in their willingness to buy in the online shop.

In practice, however, there are many other influences on the purchase decision, for example:

Importance for search engine optimization

A subtask of search engine optimization can be to strengthen the brand awareness of a company. For this purpose, the website is optimized in such a way that more consumers can find the information offered or the online shop. This can increase brand awareness. In this case, increasing brand awareness becomes the advertising goal. Measures of off-page and on-page optimization come into question here. In addition to search engine optimization, however, additional online marketing measures should also be taken, for example:


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