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851+ blog comment pages with high DA for SEO 2023


Blog comment sitess are part of an off-page SEO technique that gives you strong backlinks to your blog comments for free. If you want to grow your website and get instant links from authoritative websites, only blog comment pages are suitable for your business to help you get high DA backlinks and increase traffic to your website. Here we have added a blog site that accepts comments on the site. Every website has a blog comments section. Some of them are instantly approved blog comment pages, comment love pages and site administrator approved. Most comment-love blog sites provide do-follow links to the latest posts. So always try to find a blog site that accepts commentLuv on your blog.

If you are looking for blog comment pages with high DA such as fashion, health, technology, automotive, business, home improvement, software, beauty, SEO blog comments, digital marketing, travel blog comment pages, etc., all these DA You can find high blogs. The page here gets domain authority. So write comments on these sites and get high-authority links to your site. All links are very important to a website, regardless of the type of link, dofollow or nofollow. Always comment on websites related to your business or niche website. Some users think NoFollow is not a good link for his website. Yes, that’s true, but through NoFollow you can increase your website traffic, user engagement and domain authority, Alexa backlinks, and more. Now let’s start commenting on the comments page of the High DA blog.

What is a blog comment site?

Blog comments allow Internet users to express their points of view by sharing their opinions on articles they read, interact with new bloggers and visitors, and view comments added to a site. A website where you provide your feedback by typing words into sections. Blog comments allow you to connect with users around the world.

Blog comment site types

Comment Luv:

This is one of the most coveted comments for bloggers looking for this section. If a site has added Luv comments for her, your latest post will appear right below the site’s comments. If you think Comment Luv is a do-follow, you are wrong. Most comments are currently unfollowed by search engine algorithms.


Disqus Comments:

This is also a good comment type. Sites that add Disqus comments require that you register with Disqus before commenting. Once the comment is approved, the user can also view your profile on her Disqus comment page.

Disqus comment

Comments with instant approval:

Here, just add more details to your comment and it will be approved instantly. Moderation of comments is not required here, but blog comment pages with instant approval are also very dangerous, as many different types of links are listed here. So, before posting a comment, please check if this site is malicious or not blocked by search engines. Also, check the number of comments here. If you have more than 150 comments, please avoid commenting here.

YouTube Comments:

If your website is related to the internet or marketing or any other kind of website, YouTube is a great place to share your thoughts and provide links to users. Always keep your comments relevant to your niche video. You can also add YouTube videos to your blog by providing site headlines to attract users and traffic.

Youtube comment

Facebook Comments:

When visiting the most famous high-traffic sites like ScoopWhoop, Huffpost, etc., comments are only accepted from Facebook IDs. If you are logged into Facebook, you can comment your thoughts on the comments page of these High DA blogs. It’s an opportunity to connect people through social media. 

Facebook comment

How do I approve comments on my blog’s comment page?

  1. Always add your real name to your Email
  2. Fill in all details in the comment section
  3. Never add low-count words
  4. Use Gravatar images
  5. Always add comments related to your niche
  6. Add your own words, not copying from the web
  7. Try to stop spam with comments
  8. Avoid words like “Nice,” “Good,” and “Excellent.”
  9. Read the blog carefully
  10. Add as many words as possible in the comments section
  11. Add a name in the “Name” section and avoid keywords
  12. Read the comments that have already been accepted
  13. Think differently from others
  14. Make your comments attractive, so others can agree with you
  15. If appropriate, mention your other blog for the blog

How to find high authority do-follow blog comment pages

There are many ways to find blog comment pages, For example, you can find the latest blog comment pages with recently uploaded content, and you can also find niche blog comment sites. To find these websites, you need to be familiar with SERP page search techniques. Suppose you want to find a blog related to software and mobile app development, then you need to use the following search operators in the SERP pages.

  1. inurl:keywords such as inurl:mobile app development blog
  2. intitle:keyword, like
  3. intitle:travel blog comment site
  4. Keyword + Blog “CommentLuv Enabled” 
  5. Keyword + “CommentLuv blog” 

If you want to find the latest blog comment pages with recently uploaded posts related to your topic or field. com and enter the keyword you are looking for. Then click Tools > Any Time and select the desired time period from the tabs.

High DA Blog commenting sites

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Health Blog Commenting Sites

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Travel Blog Commenting Sites

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Fashion & Beauty Blog Commenting Sites

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Technology & Software Blog Commenting Sites

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