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Lead generation with the help of online marketing


It is extremely important for a company to be noticed by potential customers. This is often still done by companies (especially in the B2B sector) via classic communication channels at trade fairs or via mailings. But especially in the field of online marketing, there are many ways to draw attention to yourself and generate so-called “leads”. 

What are leads anyway?

Lead generation in online marketing refers to the successful generation of contacts between potential customers and providers, resulting from an implemented online measure. A lead is the contact details of a user who is interested in a product or company. By providing the contact details, the user opens the communication channel to the company. The probability that such users will become customers is much higher than for those who have not sought contact with the company.  

lead generation via online marketing

How does lead generation work online?

What does a company need to do to get those leads? In the online area, this is achieved using a so-called lead magnet. A lead magnet is a target group-relevant content offer that users receive in exchange for their data. Typically, such lead magnets are e-books, demo versions, webinars or statistics. But there are many more options. 2) 

Once a suitable lead magnet has been created for the target audience, it needs to be disseminated. Online ads are used for this. Typically, social media ads are used for lead generation , but for certain industries, Google Ads can also be very helpful for lead generation. 

Lots of new leads – what’s next?

However, once the lead campaign is complete, the work is not over. This is followed by the qualification and processing of the leads obtained. In addition, it is necessary to continue to provide users with relevant information in order to maintain interest. The next step, the so-called lead management, is about turning these interested parties into actual customers, i.e. achieving a so-called conversion.

What to do if no one responds

When users visit a website, more than 95% leave the site again without having performed an action, such as filling out a form. Here too, however, we can now generate valuable leads by analyzing which company is behind the website visit.

Would you also like to generate online leads in the future? Get in touch with us – we will be happy to show you the possibilities.

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