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500+ Site List Blog Commenting  2023, High DA P


When it comes to creating quality backlinks, there are some effective off-page SEO techniques. Blog comments in SEO are one way to give your website relevant backlinks. please tell me how?

This article provides a list of 2023 high DA blog comment pages.


Most websites allow you to paste your website’s link into your comments. This process of commenting on posts with your website link is called blog commenting. It is a beneficial SEO technique that increases web traffic.

The blog commenting process can be divided into two parts: manual and automated. Learn more about them.

  1. Automated process

The automated method uses a variety of tools to post comments to multiple auto-approved blog commenting sites. This requires a blog comment page list that is instantly approved. These blogs are open moderation sites and do not require manual moderators to share comments on various posts. SEO experts do not recommend these automated blog commenting pages and methods as most of them are spam.

  1. Manual process

If you’re looking for high-quality, natural backlinks to your website, the manual process can help. We always get approval because we post comments based on real content. Apart from building backlinks, the process of manually commenting on your blog can help generate a ton of traffic. Most high DA blog commenting sites have moderators who approve or disapprove comments. Publishing comments related to a specific blog post will be visible to other users after approval.

What are the benefits of Blog Comment Sites?

Here is a list of benefits of using the best DoFollow blog comment sites. We hope these reasons convince you to start implementing this technique to promote your brand.

  1.       Better Exposure

Leaving meaningful comments on the comments page of a blog in your area of expertise will increase your visibility. Millions of people use such websites every day. So, if you get permission from the moderator of the comment page of the blog you posted your comment on, your comment will be shared widely with a link to his website.

  1.       Network with Top Influencers

Choosing a blog commenting site with a high DA to post your comments will help you connect with the top industry influencers. Post relevant comments early and get responses from top influencers. This way you can get in touch with them.

  1.       Backlink

Top blog comment pages help create relevant do-follow backlinks. However, some of his websites do not pass the link juice to the website. However, if you use the list of dofollow blog commenting sites below, you will be trying to get dofollow backlinks that will give you more authority and traffic.

  1.       Increased Traffic

Posting relevant comments on your blog’s comments site will cause other readers to click on blog URL on their website, resulting in traffic.

Other reasons to use high DA site listings and free blog comments are:

  • There is always an opportunity to learn something new.
  • Successful bloggers can count on you when they determine that your comments and content on your site are relevant.
  • Improve your writing skills.
  • It can also help you increase your social media follower count. People like people who can offer solutions to their problems.
  • Your website may rank higher in the SERPs thanks to the link juice these websites share.  Your profile will also improve and open up more opportunities in the online world. 

Now that you know the benefits of blog comment pages, you might be wondering how to take advantage of them. Too easy!

Blog Comments Tips for Effective Use of Websites

The following tips will help you use your blog’s comments page effectively and improve your overall SEO.

  1.     Select blog posts related to your niche

To reach your target audience, it is advisable to select only those blog comment sites that are related to your niche. Posting appropriate comments improves your link profile and helps increase traffic to your website. To search for your niche blog commenting websites on Google, you should search:

Niche-related keyword + “Add comment”.

Niche-related keyword + “Leave a comment”.

Niche-related keyword + “Add comment”.

Niche keyword + “comment”

  1.     Reveal your true details

We encourage you to register on these websites using accurate information such as your company name, email ID and logo. Using accurate information makes it easier to get comments approved.

  1.     Read blog posts carefully before posting comments

It’s not as sensitive as scrolling directly to the comments section without going through the blog post content. Additionally, you should read the first few comments to understand what the comments are about.

  1.       Post Appropriate Comments

Make honest and appropriate comments on blog posts. Try to post long content, usually 100 words or more, to increase relevance. Avoid spelling and grammatical errors when using blog comment pages. This reflects your expertise and knowledge in your area of expertise. This will win the hearts and minds of admins and get comments approved easily.

  1.       The habit of commenting early is a good thing

To make your comment easier for others to understand, you should comment as soon as possible. This will help you attract the attention of top influencers in your niche Plus, posting engaging comments too early can turn your comment into a long conversation. People will start making appropriate comments on your comments and in this way, your visibility on the free blog commenting site will increase.

  1.       Keep following blogs

Commenting on blog comments or ignoring these blogs after posting comments is not recommended. Regularly following the comment pages of blogs with high DA will allow you to post comments early.

Dos and Don’ts for Successful Blog Commenting

Prevention is critical to avoiding mistakes that can negatively affect your online reputation. So, follow the tips below for a successful blog commenting activity.

  1. Make sure your blog comments are spam-free and natural. Several tools can detect spam comments. If you are caught sending spam, you will be fined.
  2. Do not use search terms or keywords in place of your actual full name.
  3. If you comment on a blog, never be offended as it may not be approved by the blog administrators.
  4. Avoid posting comments without following them. We encourage you to contribute to each conversation.
  5. Avoid posting inappropriate comments on niche topics. Comments like “nice post” or “thank you for the information” are too short. To get the attention of other readers and bloggers, you should write a statement or two highlighting how helpful the content was to you.

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Other off-page SEO techniques can improve your website’s ranking. B. Directory Submissions, Profiling, Business Listings, Guest Posts, Article Posts, and Social Bookmarks.

Key Take Away

Blog comments are a great off-page SEO activity that shows real results by generating more traffic and improving your SERP ranking. Use the list of free blog commenting sites above to give it a try. All websites on the list have higher domain authority, so you can be assured that Linkjuice will pass to your website.

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