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List of 200+ Authority Blog Commenting Sites 2023


In the world of online marketing, there are several strategies you can use to increase traffic to your website or blog.

One such strategy is blog comments. This includes leaving comments on other blogs in your area of expertise or industry. Not only does this help build relationships with other bloggers, but it also generates traffic to his website of his own.


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Why should I write blog comments? 

Commenting on blogs can be a profitable strategy for several reasons.

  • Increased Website Traffic: By leaving comments on quality blogs related to your industry or area of expertise, you can drive traffic back to your girlfriend’s website. Someone reading your comment and interested in your opinion may click on your link to her website to learn more.

  • Build relationships: Commenting on blogs allows you to build relationships with other bloggers and industry influencers. Leaving thoughtful comments can catch the attention of host bloggers and other commenters, which can lead to further engagement and even opportunities for collaboration and guest posting.
  • Establish your expertise: You can establish yourself as an expert in your industry or area of expertise by leaving comments that provide value and insight. This will give you even more trust and confidence from your audience.
  • Improved SEO: Leaving comments on quality blogs with high domain authority can potentially get you backlinks to your girlfriend’s website. Backlinks are an important part of SEO because they give search engines a signal that your website is legitimate and valuable.
  • Learn from others: By reading and interacting with other blogs in your industry or area of expertise, you can learn from others and gain new insights into your field. This helps us improve our own content and strategy.

How can I write blog comments that get approved faster?

If you want your blog comments to get approved faster, follow these tips.

  • Read Posts Carefully: Before leaving a comment, read the entire post to make sure you understand the main message. This shows that you have taken the time to work on the content rather than just leaving general comments.
  • Stay relevant: Comments should be relevant to the post and add to the conversation. Do not leave irrelevant comments or comments that simply promote your content.
  • Be Respectful: Be respectful to the author and other commenters when leaving comments. Do not use offensive language or attack the opinions of others.
  • Add value: Comments should add value to the conversation, providing insight or additional information. Please avoid comments that just say “Great post!” or “thanks for sharing”
  • Follow blog guidelines: Many blogs have guidelines for leaving comments. B. No Length Requirement or Self-Promotion. To increase your chances of getting your comment approved, follow these guidelines.
  • Use your real name and email address: Using your real name and email address makes your comment more credible and more likely to be approved. Avoid using false names or emails.

By following these tips, your blog comments are more likely to be approved quickly.

Remember, the purpose of blog comments is to join the conversation and build relationships. So focus on leaving thoughtful and relevant comments that add value to your post.

Now, not all blog comment pages are created equal. Some contain links with low domain authority or spam links, which can actually hurt his SEO efforts on the site.

Therefore, it’s important to find a quality blog comment page that adds value to both you and the host blog.

How do I find a quality blog comment page?

Here are some tips for finding and using the best blog comment page.

  • Find niche-specific blogs: The best blog commenting sites are those that are relevant to your niche or industry. This makes it more likely that the traffic generated by these websites will be relevant to your business and converted into leads and customers.
  • Check Domain Authority: Domain Authority (DA) is a metric that determines a website’s authority. The higher the DA, the more likely your website will rank higher in search engines. Look for blog comment pages with a DA of 30 or higher.
  • Focus on quality over quantity: It’s better to leave thoughtful comments on one high-quality blog than to leave spammy comments on multiple low-quality blogs. Comments should add value to the conversation and provide insight or additional information.
  • Follow the host blog’s guidelines: Many blogs have guidelines for leaving comments. B. No Length Requirement or Self-Promotion. To prevent your comments from being deleted or marked as spam, please follow these guidelines.
  • Connect with other commenters: Commenting on blogs is more than just leaving your own comment, it’s also connecting with other commenters. This helps build relationships with other bloggers and can also lead to opportunities for collaboration and guest posting.

Examples of quality blog commenting sites include HubSpot, Moz, and Neil Patel.

These sites have a high DA, publish quality content, and have dedicated communities of commenters. But don’t limit yourself to just these sites. There are many other quality blog commenting sites out there.

List of Blog Comment Pages for High Authority Blogs in 2023

Blogs for digital marketing, SEO, blog comment pages

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Business Blog Commenting Sites

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Education Blog Commenting Sites

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Other Blog Commenting Sites

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Frequently Asked Questions about Blog Comment Pages

Q: What is a blog comment page?

A: A blog comment page is his website or blog where readers can leave comments on their posts. They can be a valuable resource for building relationships, increasing website traffic, and building industry expertise.

Q: Why should I use a blog comment page?

A: A blog comment page increases your online visibility and builds relationships with other bloggers and industry influencers and help him increase traffic to his website and establish his expertise in the industry.

Q: How do I find quality blog comment pages?

A: Look for niche-specific blogs with a high Domain Authority (DA) of 30+. These blogs should publish quality content and have a dedicated community of commenters.

Q: What should be included in blog comments?

A: Comments should be relevant to the post and add to the conversation. It should add value, provide insight or additional information, and be respectful of the author and other commenters.

Q: Can I promote my girlfriend’s website or content in comments on my blog?

A: Some blogs allow self-promotion in comments, but many do not. Please follow the blog’s guidelines and do not leave comments solely for the purpose of promoting your own content.

Q: How can I make sure my blog comments are approved?

A: Read posts carefully, keep your comments relevant, respectful, add value, follow blog policies, and use your real name and email address.

Q: How often should I leave comments on my blog’s comments page?

A: There is no set frequency for leaving comments on your blog’s comments page. However, it’s important to focus on quality over quantity and leave thoughtful comments that add value to the conversation.

Q: How do I use my blog’s comments page to build relationships with other bloggers?

A: Connect with other commenters and bloggers by replying to comments, sharing content on social media, and collaborating on guest posts and other projects.


Blog Commenting on blogs can be a valuable strategy for increasing traffic and building relationships within your industry. However, it’s important to focus on quality blog comment pages and leave thoughtful comments that add value to the conversation. This way, you can build your brand, increase your online presence, and generate more leads and customers. Check out our list of other top SEO websites.

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