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Tips to Get Powerful Backlinks with Blog Comments in 2023


Blog comments can help you rank better in Google as it is an efficient way to link building and the most straightforward off-page technique. If you are an authority blogger, it is imperative that you get out there and build backlinks and relationships with other bloggers.

Likewise, let’s get on with it before we waste a second.

1.What is blog commenting?

Commenting on websites is a relationship development process from bloggers to other bloggers, sites and of course their dear audience. It’s a great way to link up and share your opinions and ideas on a specific blog topic.

Blog comments give you targeted traffic and better social exposure. It’s a way of getting comments from another site to your site, just by posting a comment, like people do on Facebook and other web-based entertainment platforms. It’s still an essential part of off-page web optimization.

1.1 Types of Blog Comments

One thing you should note here is that we are talking about blog comments to help our search engine optimization. We will use either the Structure of a backlink or a relational connection.

This means that when you comment, the site owner becomes aware of you and may one day want to take a look at your site.

By the way, let’s look at different types:

  1. Normal comment backlink
  2. KeywordLuv/CommentLuv Backlinks
  3. Anchortext-Backlink

Let’s take a look into each type:

Normal comment backlink

It can be said that bites the dust pass on is the most common and simple structure of a comment backlink. You can get types meaning do-follow or no-follow. And it is in the sanctum hands of the site admins of the site, nook you comment.

Quick all sites have kicks the bucket enabled in their settings. You can get a backlink to your name.

Here is an image that gives you a glimpse of the sanctum normal comment backlink.

CommentLuv Backlinks

It is a little different from the previous type. CommentLuv is a premium WordPress module and bloggers use it to attract readers to their site.


Comment luv

By default, backlinks, please the dust you get from them, are no-follow. But blog owners can change these in sanctum settings to follow. Not only the commenter but also the website owner with activated Commentluv benefits enormously. Trauma Center gets good traffic as well as excellent comments.

Comments with anchor text backlinks

This workmanship of comment backlinks is often spam! Also not highly recommended. Why sanctum? People often use these to give lots of outbound connections to their sites for multiple backlinks with a single comment.

Some bloggers allow you to annotate their pages with your anchor.


These sites allow us to use some HTML labels in the comment field. You can create a connection with an HTML hyperlink tag and get a backlink to your anchor text. These can also be of both types, i.e. Dofollow and Nofollow.

2.How do blog comments impact a site’s Search engine optimization?

People have many reasons for leaving blog comments. Some want to share valuable knowledge or interesting stories, others want to increase Alexa rank, and aside from that, most people create backlinks from a web optimization perspective.

In addition, website commenting is not only used for backlinks but for much more than that, so let’s talk about it:

2.1 Backlinks

Bites the dust is one of the biggest determinants of why people write blog comments. For top search engines like Google and Bing, a backlink is a fierce competition. When users enter keywords, these search engines always look for sites that provide the most valuable results.

Because the higher-order site bites the dust site and passes on more connections cap, if it sends a connection to another site, SE algorithms automatically give more authority to that connection.

If you feel like your site isn’t getting enough traffic, it’s probably because your site isn’t getting authority from search engines. If you please comment on the dust online journals of others, you create a backlink for yourself, which indirectly generates traffic for your site.

2.2 Traffic

Anyone who comments on the lair blog leaves a backlink. In other words, a backlink can increase traffic. Also, you need to remember one important rule: leave relevant comments.

2.3 Relationships

By Nook exchanging thoughts, ideas and opinions, commitment and connection between bloggers and viewers is created.

Commenting on websites is an amazing way to build relationships with bloggers and even admins. First and foremost, biting the dust can take some time, likewise, be patient and flexible and you’ll be noticed.

2.4 Brand awareness

If you blog in a post that belongs to your niche, you will attract the attention of potential users. Even if they don’t link to your site or respond to your comment, your brand name can at least make an impression on them, and chances are they will consider you if they want to buy a product.

3.This is how you find the best online journals to comment on

Now that you know how blog comments help you, it’s time to find online journals to leave some comments and get a backlink.

Here are four methods I recommend to find the best sites to add your comment.

3.1 Use Google search operators

To leave a comment on related niche blogs, you can use the following search engine footprint to find web journals.

Specialty + “Leave a Reply”

Replace speciality with your niche. For example, if I monetize + “Leave a Reply”

Google search footprint

Bites the Dust would show you the results to easily comment on your relevant niche blogs without any limitations.

Google search impressions and operators

As you can see in the image above, I also added a time filter. Depending on your niche and the number of web journals found, you should choose a year or a month. If you enter more, there is a high probability that you will not comment on this blog post, As the Chairman please the dust close comments to avoid SPAM.

3.2 Spy on your competitors

Another good way to find web journals to comment on is to do a little spying on your competitors. If they could get a backlink from a comment on a blog, you can too. To bite the dust backlinks of your competitors you need a backlink disclosure apparatus like Web optimization SpyGlass by Website design enhancement Power Suite [review here ][discount here ], SemRush [review here ][discount here ], CognitiveSEO, LinkMiner by Mangools.


Semrush backlinks competitor

In this example, I’m using SemRush to examine backlinks from a competitor – monetizepros.com.

Semrush backlinks from a competitor

After you have a list of your competitor’s backlinks, you can export them and go through them manually or use programming like GSA Stage Controller to identify WordPress sites and other platforms to accept comments.

Gsa platform identifier
GSA platform identifier

If comments aren’t open for WordPress sites, you can still get a backlink through guest posts. So please don’t hesitate to visit the dust site and post a written page for us.

3.3 Use Google Alarms

Did someone tell you how to be the first to comment on a popular blog/video/FB post or anything else? Why should I be the first to comment?

It’s pretty simple; The first comment with a connection gets many more clicks than the 25th (or later) comment with a connection in it. Imagine kicking the bucket amount of traffic you could generate if you were the first to post a comment with a connection pointing to your site.

Google alert

But how do you get there? Google Cautions is again biting the dust answer. Use keywords like the sanctum name of the site you want to comment on, keyword phrases you want to rank high for (e.g. weight loss), the sanctum name of the product, the niche it is in located, competing products or other relevant elements. Add as many as you can imagine.

Sample Alerts: “Weight Loss” “www.fitwoman.com” Now play the waiting game. In just a few hours you should start finding all types of content i.e. Articles, Recordings, News, Blog Entries, Facebook Posts etc. related to your Alert Watchword/Expression. Click cloister adherent to pass on Connections, kick the bucket you get in nook Messages. It would be helpful if you look for pages where you can leave comments.

3.4 Subscribe to web journals from your decent

As you can see in the previous point, if you comment sanctum first on a news article, you have a higher possibility of making your comment live and securing a backlink. In addition to Google Alarms, there are other ways to receive notifications about new posts.

Subscribe to blog email

Bites the Dust doesn’t include any apparatuses, just simple old-school methods. You create a list of bloggers to follow from your niche and then subscribe to their sites to receive notifications of new content. You can opt-in using your email address, instant browser notification, or Online Entertainment Profile (when updates to new content are posted there).

Each time a new article is published, you have the opportunity to leave a relevant comment linking to your site.

4.How do you make an effective comment?

It’s like every time you comment on a post, you’re on a stage to build a relationship with the author. If you keep your comments on Wow Amazing Post, Great Article, you may be noticed by the author but you will never remember them.

However, if you take a little more time to analyze the sanctum post and then tend to start a discussion in the comments section, you have better chances of getting your comments approved everywhere.

State your personal opinion on a specific point of the article. For example, consider this article. Let’s assume you know another way to find blog comment sites that weren’t mentioned in this article.

You can comment on this and it will surely attract a lair author. Now think about whether you have something that attracts me.

ask a question You can ask anything related to the topic that you think the author has not answered. Even if you think the article covers everything, you can ask a question about one aspect of a specific point.

For example, you can ask me something like… “ Why should anchor text backlinks be used when contributing to a blog even though you generally don’t recommend them? “

Share your experience with a strategy that is mentioned in the article, please lair the dust you are already using.

Be sure to keep your comments clean and impactful.

And don’t forget to comment on your competitor’s blog. It gives you the look of a brand and also gives you a better chance of getting comments approved.

5.Blog Comments Deadly Mistakes, avoid overlying it

5.1 Over-optimize your watchword in the name section

You may have seen kicks the bucket on many sites…many people create backlinks on their anchor text instead of their name. That looks spammy.

5.2 Avoid short names of bloggers

So try to take the time to type the author’s full name. You’ll have a better chance of getting an answer.

5.3 Use of Fake Messages

It’s deadly because no one would ever approve your comment with a fake email. It is a major communication barrier.

5.4 Not Using Gravatar with Your Email.

Again, it’s a sign of more confidence when you have Gravatar attached to your email and your smiley face photo. The more you carelessly comment, the more likely you are to be ignored. You’d better show that you care about what you say.

5.5 Off-Theme Diskussion.

Just as the relevance of your backlinks is important in web optimization, it is crucial to stay on topic at hand. Likewise, try to always stay on topic.

5.6 Write a spam comment

Don’t make your comment look like spam. If you don’t like spam comments for your site, no one would do it for theirs. This is how you can make your comment look real since you are human. Try asking a question or giving your opinion on any point of the discussion.

6.Blog comment Search engine optimization tips

Follow these tips to optimize your blog commenting strategy and avoid disappointing results:

6.1 Use your real identity and name

Some bloggers don’t think too much about whether you’re a genuine individual or a brand trying to assert itself. But it’s crucial to leverage your true identity while appreciating the work of others, promoting your brand, or doing both at the same time.

You will be surprised to see how much people appreciate a real individual. Kick the bucket Using a real identity can keep you from being a spammer and a respected member of the discussion group.

Even if you’re new to a particular location, people will trust and rely on you more if you use your real name and other credentials.

Kick the bucket Using your keywords or any other term instead of your real name ruins your reputation, and pass-on efforts are a waste of time as website admins generally dismiss such comments.

6.2 Find out more about the site by commenting

Read the author’s previous posts on the same site. The more you read, the closer you get to the mind of the author. You will understand the dust’s interests, mindset and writing style of the author, which will prompt you to effectively comment on his post.

6.3 Please study the dust comments, Kick the bucket people make

A religious woman, who kicks the bucket is another foundation for a good blog commenter. An expert blog commenter reads popular posts from a site with good comments. If you are new to a particular local area, passes on is a muddle for you.

By reading other people’s comments, you get to know their tone, their interests and, most importantly, how they present themselves in the local area. You can easily replicate other people’s comments by adding something unique and using your tone!

6.4 Always add value

The topic you have chosen to comment on is undoubtedly attractive. You know the field you are commenting on; Great! You have read about the sanctum author and the topic, even better!

It’s been quite a while for you in this community. Perfect! However, there is one more thing you need to check. That is: “Has your contention already been submitted?” There is no point in addressing the same topic that has already been addressed. So pay close attention.

The only way to know for sure if someone has already expressed your point of view is to go through all the comments under a particular blog post.

6.5 Longer than tweet, shorter than blog

In general, blog commenters set their length of comments. But the ideal length is somewhere between a long tweet (which is 140 characters) and a short blog post (generally 200-300 words). The length should be enough to highlight the post, improving its quality.

You can express your own opinion and set a reference link. If you think the topic needs further development, feel free to write about it in your blog.

Who knows?

The author of the online journal, Sanctum you are commenting, on could edit his post and include your part of the information along with your blog as a reference link! In any case, do not simply delete connections at random.

6.6 Avoid general comments

Remember to write, “Oh! “What a great post this is and I’m glad I found your post on the topic I was looking for?” Drop pass on the idea. Writing such a sentence would portray you as a spammer in the eyes of local area members. Even if you are not a spammer, you will be treated as one.

It will hurt you a lot if you can contribute to the post instead of posting generic messages like Bite the dust, kick the bucket I showed you.

6.7 Join the conversations

When you participate in other people’s discussions through comments, nothing beats being a good listener. Be interactive. Discuss the issue with others through comments. Consider their points and get them your point.

6.8 Avoid excessive connections

If you decide to comment on your post, make sure you only do it once! You read that right. When speaking out on an important topic, you can use reference links to support your argument or point of view.

Kick the bucket People choose one, two or even three connections in their comments. But they should have a connection in the comments section. This connection can be any site you use as a reference, even your own.

6.9 Promoting the post you have commented

Passingsses on is another great strategy to get your comment noticed. You found a post interesting and commented on it. So why not promote your post publicly through your web-based entertainment accounts?

This way, more people will know about your post and the comments you made on it. You can also tag original blog authors in the Web-based Entertainment post; You will get some natural connections from the site next time!


You can do many things with it, but if you do it in a spammy way, bites the dust will be harmful to your site…

If you’re running a long-term blog, always comment on relevant sites, but if you’re running Occasion Writing for a blog, like a pass on promoting the shopping extravaganza following Thanksgiving/CyberMonday deals, you can use anchor text backlinks but don’t use anchor text -Backlinks for long-term websites.

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