How Mobile Apps Are Changing Our Lives

Mobile apps have changed our life to a great extent. We rely on apps for everyday tasks. If you wish to know how the apps are impacting our lives, continue reading!

Can we imagine life without breathing? Certainly not!

The same is the case with mobile apps as we cannot imagine moving an inch without them. Our lives have completely transformed since the era of mobile apps kicked in. 

Mobile apps have dominated our lifestyle so much so that we probably begin our day with an app and end our day with one too. There is hardly anything we can’t find an app for. Starting from morning alarms, daily planners, fitness, food delivery, grocery, banking transactions, and online shopping, to booking a cab, getting doctor’s appointments online or buying tickets – we are encapsulated from apps all around. 

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In this article, we’ll look back on when the first mobile app came into existence, how apps have exponentially grown over time, and how the tiny icons on our screens are impacting almost all facets of our lives. So, let’s dig in. 

History: The Inception of Mobile Apps 

Mobile apps have not been around for a long time. The first-ever mobile app, as we know them today, was launched in 2008. It was the Apple App Store that debuted on July 10, 2008, allowing users to download and install third-party applications on their iPhones. Apple began a significant milestone in the mobile world with 552 apps. 

On the other hand, Google unveiled its first-ever mobile app in October 2008. Since then, these innovations have paved the way for the proliferation of mobile apps. Apple and Google, both compete with one another in terms of mobile app users, revenue and innovations. Apart from the chaos, life has seemingly become easier, simpler and connected with the apps. 

How Mobile Apps are Changing Every Aspect of Our Lives?

Mobile apps have proven to be incredible players when it comes to assisting us through innovation, convenience or simplicity. They are there when we work, socialize, communicate or entertain ourselves. Let’s explore more ways in which mobile apps help us in everyday life:

1: Convenience Redefined

From ordering a restaurant deal to online shopping, from booking your flight ticket to booking a cab, from overseeing your home through app monitors to checking calorie intake mobile apps have sprinkled convenience over our daily routine tasks. And we couldn’t be more thankful!

2: Game Changer for Productivity

Employers use various productivity apps to make the most out of their time. Some apps help you scan documents, send emails in bulk, custom-made presentations, and track the performances of employees – hence improving the overall productivity at the workplace. There are even apps for custom Android app development that allow developers to speed up coding in a smart way. Apps like CamScanner, Anydo, and Gmail amp up productivity and improve overall workflow for many businesses. 

3: Learning On the Go

Learning is not confined to classrooms and textbooks and this fact is endorsed by many mobile applications. Educational apps are revolutionizing traditional learning methods, breaking barriers to access knowledge and are mostly free of cost. Now you don’t necessarily need to be at a specific location to learn something. Whether you want to learn the art of cooking, learn a language or master some AI course, there goes an app for you. You can be anywhere; you can be anyone – learning is just a few clicks away from you. YouTube, Duolingo and Coursera are some of the common educational apps. 

4: Manage Fitness At Your Fingertips

Remember the time when gym membership was the only way to manage fitness levels? Thanks to fitness apps, now your living room, park or any place can be your gym. Many mobile apps act as your trainers to help you ace fitness goals

Be it a calorie counter, step tracker, heart rate monitor or exercise app, staying fit has never been this user-friendly. 

5: Social Apps for Better Communication

Social media apps have immensely impacted the way we communicate with each other. We can now efficiently interact with anyone from anywhere in the world. Be it a video call, holding real-time communications or sharing pictures or other media, mobile apps help virtually connect people from anywhere in the world. 

6: Mobile Apps and the Entertainment Galore

Boredom? What’s that? With a plethora of entertainment apps at our disposal, there’s no excuse for being bored anymore. Streaming platforms bring movies and TV shows to our screens instantly. Gaming apps transport us to virtual worlds filled with challenges and adventures. We’re talking about a universe of entertainment right at our fingertips. Do you think you need anything else other than your smartphone?

7: Navigating Like Never Before 

Several apps let you navigate unknown places and explore the city’s local favourites as a tourist. No need to ask strangers for directions, navigation apps will seamlessly do the job for you. You can now conveniently plan your next tour without breaking a sweat.

8: Your All-in-One Assistant for Financial Transactions

Gone are the days when you had to wait in long queues to get your chores done at a bank. Now, mobile apps are your go-to partner for all financial tasks. You can transfer money, shop online, pay bills or even share your balance on your smartphone – all hassle-free with your digital assistant. No need to go back to visit banks even for a meager task. 

Wrapping it Up

No doubt, mobile apps are like magical wands for us today. We can entirely live our lives just by being dependent on this device. They allow us to perform simple tasks such as hailing a ride to complex ones and writing code for a development project. Each category has an array of apps so we can never run short of them. It is safe to say that mobile apps have not just changed our lives; they have built a whole new life – and the future is overwhelming!


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