HubSpot is software that enables inbound marketing to be carried out efficiently. The software includes tools for various areas of online marketing.

HubSpot software overview

HubSpot creates the conditions for a company to be found by prospects. The software makes optimal use of the various sub-disciplines of online marketing to generate leads. At the same time, HubSpot includes the ability to measure, analyze, and incrementally improve marketing efforts.

HubSpot features

The software includes the following functions, among others:

  • Social Inbox: Help prioritize communication via social networks, determine the ROI of social media marketing, and history for each contact associated with the company
  • SEO Tools: keyword research, competitor monitoring, diagnostic tools, backlink tracking
  • Customer acquisition tools: sending personalized emails, marketing automation, evaluations, connection to Salesforce Sync

This video provides an overview of HubSpot’s features.

HubSpot benefits

HubSpot brings a variety of benefits to users. It is an all-in-one software package. All modules do not work independently of each other but mesh seamlessly with each other. The manufacturer of the software offers different packages for companies of different sizes so that the financial outlay remains within limits. Each package comes with unlimited technical support.

The HubSpot plans

HubSpot is offered in three versions: Basic, Professional and Enterprise. They cost 160 euros, 640 euros and 1,920 euros per month. The basic version differs significantly from the other two versions in terms of functionality. However, the biggest differences are in the number of inclusive contacts and the additional costs for further contacts and the number of visits per month. Other differences can be found in the number of available subdomains and the limit for sending emails.

Importance for search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is part of the HubSpot software. In contrast to other full SEO suites, this area does not work independently but is interlinked with the other areas of online marketing. Inbound marketing is one of the most important buzzwords in the online marketing industry. In this context, software products such as HubSpot will gain in importance in the future.


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