Spotify is a music streaming service that emerged from the Swedish startup Spotify AB. With Spotify, you can listen to music on your desktop, tablet and smartphone without downloading it. Rather, as is usual with streaming services, a music file is loaded into the clipboard so that it can be played directly with the application. The current version of Spotify is available as a free service with ads or as a paid version without ads.

General information

The music streaming service was founded in 2006 as Spotify AB by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon as an alternative to illegal music downloading. The location is still Stockholm. The service is now available in many countries. In Germany, the market launch was delayed due to rights management, since Spotify offers music in digital form. That’s why Spotify has to acquire licenses from record labels. Since GEMA manages these rights in Germany, there were lengthy negotiations between the Stockholm company and representatives of GEMA, which have now been successfully concluded.

According to Spotify, artists receive a certain amount per streamed song. However, some artists do not make their music available on the music streaming service because the remuneration is too low. The Stockholm company responded with a transparent listing of the compensation model. The company was also initially criticized by data protection officials since music streaming was initially only possible in connection with a Facebook account. Spotify responded with proprietary software that can be downloaded and is independent of other programs.


Spotify can be used on different devices. It is available as a desktop solution and can also be installed on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. In addition, Spotify can be used in the web browser without having to use any proprietary software.

With the free version, the user hears regular advertisements, which are not available with the monthly subscription, which costs 9.99 euros. Some mobile phone providers such as Telekom entered into a cooperation with Spotify, after which the service was integrated into various mobile phone contracts.

Spotify users can use various functions to find and listen to their favourite music. Different record labels can be selected, playlists can be programmed or recommendations and discoveries can be used. Radio stations can also be found on offer – and Spotify offers its own radio function in which popular titles are played automatically and user-oriented in a playlist. Those who use Spotify can recommend the streamed titles via Facebook, Twitter or their own blog by clicking on certain buttons. The current title is then shared in the respective network.


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