What is Artificial Intelligence (AI), its types, advantages and disadvantages

Do you know what is Artificial Intelligence or Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Ever since the invention of computers, humans have increased their use a lot. They make them do all their work due to which we have to depend more on them.

This has resulted in the exponential growth of their dependency. Humans have increased the capability of these machines to a great extent such as their speed, their size and their ability to work so that they can do our work in a very short time which will save us time.

You might have also aimed that nowadays, whatever you see, Artificial Intelligence is being praised. If you do not have much knowledge about it, then you do not have to worry because today I am going to give you complete information about what is Artificial Intelligence and why it is so important. So that you will get answers to all the questions arising in your mind by the end of this article.

What is Artificial Intelligence – What is Artificial Intelligence in Hindi


artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a type of intellectual ability that has been developed in an artificial (artificial) way. You can also understand it as the artificial brain of a system.

The full form of AI is Artificial Intelligence or in Hindi, it means artificial mind. This is such a simulation that machines are given human intelligence or in other words, their brains are upgraded so much that they can think and act like humans.

This is especially done in computer systems only. This process mainly includes three processes and they are the first is learning (in which information is inserted in the mind of machines and they are also taught some rules so that they can follow those rules and complete a given task), the second is reasoning (Under this, machines are instructed to follow the rules made and move towards the results so that they can get an approximate or definite conclusion) and the third is Self-Correction.

If we talk about the particular application of AI, then it includes expert systems, speech recognition and machine vision.

AI or Artificial Intelligence has been made in such a way that it can think like humans, how the human mind first learns any problem, then processes it, decides what would be appropriate to do and finally how While solving it, she thinks about it.

In the same type of artificial intelligence, machines have also been given all the characteristics of the human mind so that they can work better.

John McCarthy first told the world about Artificial Intelligence. He was an American Computer Scientist, who first told about this technology in 1956 at the Dartmouth Conference.

Today it has become very big like a tree and everything from robotics process automation to actual robotics comes under it. In the last few years, it has gained a lot of publicity because the technology of big data has also been included in it and due to its increasing speed, size and variety of data business, many companies want to adopt this technology.

If I talk about AI, with its help, it has become very easy to identify patterns in raw data, whereas many mistakes are made by humans, due to which companies get more insight into their data in less time.

types of artificial intelligence

Talking about the type of AI, it is of many types. Below you have been told about some of the main types of Artificial Intelligence.

Rule-based AI

This AI works on the basis of the rule-based system that we teach it. This system follows certain rules like if A is accompanied by B, then we should choose C. Rule-based AI is of a very basic level and is used for a limited environment.

Machine Learning (ML)

It teaches AI algorithms how to make decisions based on data. In machine learning, computer algorithms are given data that have to learn on their own. Machine learning is used in many areas such as search engines, image recognition, speech recognition, and customer service.

Deep Learning

Deep learning is an advanced level of machine learning. It teaches AI algorithms how to build a hierarchy of concepts, which leads to better results than machine learning. For this, Deep Neural Networks are used. Because of this, deep learning is used in image recognition, speech recognition, and natural language processing.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP is used to give machines the power to understand and act on human language. For this, the machine must have an understanding of grammar, semantics, and pragmatics. NLP is used in chatbots, customer service, and language translation.

Computer Vision

Computer vision is used to allow machines to analyze visual data (images and videos). In this, machines are taught to analyze images and videos and then draw conclusions from them. Computer vision is used in autonomous vehicles, image recognition, and video surveillance.

All these AI types are used to make our life much easier. These give machines and computers the power to think and understand like us. With this technology of AI, we can get many more experiments which are beneficial for us.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used in many places these days. It has many opportunities which make our life easy and prosperous. Some advantages of AI are…

Safer Environment

AI is used for security and surveillance. Data captured from CCTV cameras and sensors is analyzed with AI to detect security breaches, crimes and disasters. In addition, AI is also used in autonomous vehicles, which can reduce accidents and deaths.

Better Healthcare

AI is used for accurate diagnosis and treatment. Machine learning and deep learning are used to analyze medical data such that doctors get accurate results. With the help of AI, medical professionals can be helped in the early detection of diseases and start their treatment.

Improved Customer Service

AI is also used in customer service. AI tools such as chatbots and virtual assistants can be used to resolve customer queries and complaints. It improves the quality of customer service and also reduces its cost.

Business Efficiency

AI is also used to improve business efficiency and productivity. AI is used for data analysis and automation, which can automate a lot of tasks. This saves time and resources and improves business results.


With the help of AI, personalized recommendations and content can be delivered. This helps in providing personalized recommendations and content to a customer by analyzing their interests and preferences.

The benefits of AI are many more. Its use makes our life easy and efficient. But, its proper use and implementation is also necessary. Therefore, we must be careful in the use of AI to avoid blockage or damage.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Apart from the advantages of AI, there are also disadvantages which can occur due to the lack of proper use and implementation of AI. Some AI has disadvantages…

Job Displacement

AI is used to automate many jobs, due to which many people may have to face job loss. If the use of AI is not taken care of properly, then this loss can be even bigger.

Data Privacy

AI is used using personal data. If it is not used properly then it can harm data privacy. Therefore, we must ensure the proper use and protection of your personal data.


With the increasing use of AI, people’s dependence on us increases. If these machines and computers do not work then people can suffer a lot. Therefore, it is important for us to maintain our traditional skills and knowledge as well.


The data used by AI can also be biased. Due to this, bias can also come as a result of AI. Therefore, it is necessary to have proper validation and verification of the data before analyzing it.

Safety Issues

The use of AI can also lead to a lot of safety issues. It is essential to ensure the proper design and implementation of AI-driven machines and computers, such as autonomous vehicles, drones, and robots.

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