What to wear for a woman’s casual look?

What to wear for a womans casual look

For some women, casual is the look par excellence. It’s the kind of style that adapts to every situation. It can be worn for the office (depending on the field), for a getaway with friends or for a trip to the beach. But what outfits should you wear to be in casual mode? Here’s our inspiration for related pieces!

What’s the history of casual style?

Casual is neither a baggy look nor an elegant style of dress. Rather, it’s a style that emphasizes simplicity and comfort. For some fashion observers, it’s the look to adopt when you want to stay stylish without breaking the bank. What’s more, it’s equally suited to everyday activities and casual occasions. But when was casual style invented?

The history of casual style begins in the 1920s, when sportswear began to gain in popularity. But in disciplines such as tennis, golf and cycling, many athletes opted for casual wear.

Over the years, the casual style evolved and became more democratic, adapting to the trends of the time. In the 1950s and 1960s, it became even more popular with the arrival of ready-to-wear clothing.
But it was in the 1920s and 1990s that casual style established itself as a style in its own right. It was in this context that pop culture and the grunge movement made it their own. Today, the casual look is widely accepted in many environments.

What are the different shades of casual?

A casual outfit for a walk is not the same as one for the office. Let’s find out which nuance of casual style is right for each occasion.

Casual-wear, the nuance for informal occasions

Casual-wear is the look that people generally associate with casual style, i.e. the relaxed look. In reality, casual wear allows its followers to experiment with patterns, colors, materials, cuts and combinations. It’s more suited to festive and relaxed occasions such as the beach, birthdays, outings with friends, etc.
Smart-casual or business-casual, the nuance of business meetings
Smart-casual is more chic than casual wear and more relaxed than classic business style. It’s the best choice for those who want to remain relaxed in terms of clothing during a professional meeting, a business appointment… The other characteristic of smart-casual is that its patterns and colors are somewhat discreet.

What combinations for a woman’s casual look?

There are plenty of smart-casual outfits to choose from. Here are a few examples.

1. Dungarees and long-sleeved sweater

This is undoubtedly the most comfortable trend piece of recent years. Denim dungarees paired with a long-sleeved sweater are the perfect casual outfit to wear to the office, the park or a relaxed girls’ night out. Tuck the sweater under the overalls, leaving just one strap. For a personal touch, add sunglasses and a necklace.

2. Shirt dress and sandals

A light, flowing shirt dress paired with comfortable sandals is an example of casual style. This combination can be accompanied by accessories such as a straw hat and sunglasses for an assertive summer look. It’s the perfect piece for the beach, a girls’ night out or a nature walk.

3. Denim shirt and denim shorts

This is a key casual-wear piece. Wear your denim shirt unbuttoned over a basic tee, all over denim shorts. For a personal touch, add a belt and ankle boots. To complete the outfit, add a pair of pumps or sandals. This women’s jumpsuit is perfect for sunny days or a weekend dinner with friends.

4. Wide-leg pants and crop top

This women’s casual jumpsuit combines comfort and chic. It’s undoubtedly one of the biggest trends of the moment. Add heeled sandals and original earrings to look your best. You can choose pants and a crop top in the same color, or select different shades. Whichever you choose, the result will be stunning.

5. Pantsuit and sneakers

This is a smart-casual look that can be worn for business appointments. The jumpsuit covers the whole body and shows off the legs beautifully for taller women. You can also wear it for relaxed occasions like birthdays, picnics, movie nights, etc.

6. Blouse and midi skirt

A blouse and midi skirt is the perfect combination for those who want to keep it casual at events that require formal dress. This outfit is both versatile and comfortable. In fact, you can wear it for occasions such as business meetings and professional presentations. You can also wear it to a business dinner.

7. Leggings and hoodies

Comfortable leggings and an oversize hoodie make a cool, casual combination for many occasions. It’s best suited to informal events such as evenings out with friends or birthdays. You can also wear it to relax at home, wander around town or get some exercise. To accentuate this casual-wear look, add sneakers and a cap.

8. Maxi dress and flat sandals

The maxi dress is an elegant, comfortable garment that works well for many occasions, such as the beach, picnics and so on. You can accessorize with a belt, jewelry, a straw hat and a purse bag. To complete your casual look, opt for flat sandals and heels for more formal occasions like dinner.
As you can see, there’s no shortage of ideas for a woman’s casual look. This look has only two rules: comfort and simplicity.


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