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Flickr is a photo social community that allows users to share millions of photos with other users. Flickr also acts as an image hoster.

Features of Flickr

With Flickr, users can upload countless photos and videos and sort them into categories – at Flickr, the categories are called tags. The service enables a keyword search. The detailed search can be used to search specifically for images that may be used by other users as desired or to a limited extent because they are under a Creative Commons license or are in the public domain.


Flickr becomes a community through the possibility of commenting on the pictures and photo streams of other users. In addition, RSS feeds are available through which you can subscribe to the images of specific subject areas. It is also possible to add notes to each of your photos. This YouTube video shows a glimpse of the current version of Flickr.

Defaults for the upload

In May 2013, Flickr changed the photo and video upload policy. Since then, users have had one terabyte of storage space available. Photographs up to 200 megabytes in size can be uploaded, with dimensions no longer playing a role compared to before. Videos are limited to a file size of one gigabyte, a resolution of up to 1080p and a duration of up to three minutes.

Flickr cost structures

Flickr is a free service. There used to be a Pro membership, but that was also abolished in May 2013. Since then, community members have been able to use the service ad-free for $49.99. For heavy users who don’t have enough storage space of one terabyte, the storage space can be doubled for around 500 US dollars.

Importance for search engine optimization

Flickr can be useful as a search engine optimization tool to a limited extent. Flickr could be used for some time, especially in the context of link building, by setting links in comments and photo albums. After Flickr became aware of the abuse of the community for link building, it set the nofollow attribute in many areas. Currently, Dofollow links can only be set in the Flickr groups. Links can also be generated using Flickr by allowing users to use the uploaded photos in exchange for a backlink to certain pages.

In the past, Flickr has often deleted entire accounts and all photos associated with them if they were noticed through improper use. It is therefore important to only distribute links sporadically and to give the impression of a “real” profile overall. This includes but is not limited to, posting new photos regularly, only infrequent links in the comments, and active participation in the community.

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