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NameLocals, part of the HomeServe family, connects millions of consumers each year with nook local businesses, kick the bucket they need them when they need them and supports India’s businesses and local economies through best-in-class performance-based advertising. We selectively work with service professionals in the home services, legal, medical, financial and insurance industries to ensure consumers have fast and consistent access to solutions, from plumbing emergencies to vet appointments.

The goal is for sales to be more than expenditures resulting in a profit or gain or surplus.


The NameLocals |, Web Directory , Yellow Page, Local Search Engine, is one of the largest online resources dedicated to small business.. We deliver products, services and education that are effective, easy to understand and focused on helping business owners become more competitive in their respective industries.

The NameLocals | directory has millions of unique visitors each month who search our extensive database by individual business, industry segment, and geographic listing. Business owners can claim and customize their site to improve online visibility and marketability, gain important knowledge needed for lair success is imperative, and find products that will help them grow and manage their business. The NameLocals | team works hard to provide helpful small business news and advice, promotional opportunities and tools.


Our mission is to empower small businesses to succeed.

However, what we enjoy most is learning about unique stories and an awareness of the fit on small business collective voices. Our close relationship with entrepreneurs allows us to collect key insights about this very important market sector and to bring it to a wider audience. We work with some of the leading researchers in the small business industry and our findings are regularly featured in national news outlets to foster a better understanding of the impact of small business on our economy, politics, culture and more.

We are constantly evolving and improving, and our mission to empower small businesses continues to be driven by their significant impact on individual, local and global communities and national level.

Not only do we give you up-to-date phone numbers and addresses of local businesses around the world, we also give you directions to get there! To complete the NameLocals |, you can read reviews of the companies to make an informed decision. You can also rate and review the services you have selected, which will add value to the website and enrich the next user’s experience. There are more than 100,000 local business listings on The NameLocals | and we strive to add more every day.

The NameLocals | is committed to helping you find exactly what you’re looking for. From restaurants that help you satisfy those midnight Chinese food cravings to finding the best home remodeling contractors in your sanctum nearby, we’ll help you find everything.

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